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NearSat's Constellation
Our Bold Future of Taskable Near-Space Satellites
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We are pleased to annouce that NearSat has been acquired by AIM Defence.

We look forward to working with Jae, Jess and the AIM team on the next chapter of our journey.


Stay Tuned.

NearSat is Taking Flight.

We are creating the world's first taskable constellation of Near-Space satellites. Our fleet of solar-powered High Altitude Pseudo Satellites (HAPS) are capable of flying at 60,000 ft for months at a time, performing the function of a satellite at a fraction of the cost. At this altitude, we are above all commercial air traffic.

With NearSat’s global coverage, we can capture on-going changes anywhere on Earth down to the second. Task our platform over any area and receive Earth imagery in higher resolution than the best available satellite imagery.

On-demand Earth Imagery is just the start. Our groundbreaking constellation will enable innovations today and those yet to be imagined. Join us in changing the way people and organizations interact with satellites.

Our Team
Byron Bignoux
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Sherard Kueh
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Our team of aerospace engineers have over 10 years of combined unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) hardware and software experience. We have designed, built and flown over 30 experimental UAVs. Cumulatively, we have 100+ flight hours.
We researched into high altitude platforms with one of Australia's top universities. We have also worked on autonomous Obstacle Avoidance and Navigation algorithms for UAVs using computer vision. 
Right now, we are focused on building our 60,000 ft fleet of NearSats.
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Telstra is Australia's Leading Telco Provider.
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Building a Global Constellation

Our Unique Platform

Being solar-powered and operating above weather, our platform can fly for months at a time. We have developed a unique design that reduces airframe stresses lower than platforms currently in the market. Together with a unique carbon-fibre manufacturing technique, our design allows for dramatically lower cost fabrication and an overall more power-efficient platform. These are our foundations to scale globally fast.

Near-Space Network

As our fleet expands, so does our capability for mesh networking. Our platforms will be able to link with surrounding platforms in the air. This lets us establish a global communications network in Near-Space, which can be used to beam internet or utilized as an alternative satellite link.

Better Than Imaging Satellites


Frequent & Taskable Earth Imagery

By having a persistent platform in Near-Space, we can offer the latest imagery over anywhere on Earth. This will displace the imaging satellite market. Aside from routine imaging tasks, our fleet can also be tasked out on an ad-hoc basis, providing observation data over areas of interest when it is most needed.

High Quality Data

We can provide Earth imagery at 9X greater detail and 2X lower cost than the best commercially available satellite imagery. Unlike satellites, we can continuously upgrade and re-launch imaging payloads. RGB and Hyperspectral imagery can be acquired for use in disaster response, mining, precision agriculture and asset monitoring.
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